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October 24, 2019

Sweet Fall Wedding – Springfield, IL

I remember when Lindsey messaged me about being her wedding photographer. I was driving through Atlanta (holy traffic batman) on my way down to Florida for family vacation. She was just so sweet, I knew we would get along! We ended up scheduling Lindsey and Ty’s engagement session (which you can check out here) on the hottest day of the summer!

Their wedding day however turned out to be gorgeous! A little windy, but I’ll take wind over rain any day! I loved all the little details Lindsey and Ty incorporated into their wedding day! The day was a little different than a typical wedding in that they had light refreshments, toasts and dancing, and then went out to eat with the bridal party and family!

Lindsey had told me that she wanted to do a first look with Ty, but first his best man was going to do a first look of his own…wait till you see those pictures! I’m sure when I blogged about their engagement session I said how fun these two were…always smiling and laughing together and that didn’t change on their wedding day!

Lindsey did something I have never seen before, and I thought was so, so sweet (which I heard numerous people describe her as at the wedding). Instead of tossing her bouquet for just one person to catch, she had a flower for everyone and as she handed them out, she said a little prayer for each of the ladies. The sweetest thing ever!

During the reception, I was reading their placemats they had set out for people to look at and there was a story about a blue crayon. Ty found a broken crayon at Sam’s Club (where he and Lindsey met) and long story short, he ended up giving it to Lindsey…so blue crayons were incorporated into their decor for the day!

We waited until the reception was over to do all of the bridal party and bride and groom pictures because the light was just better towards the evening instead of mid day! Sorry to the bridal party (mainly the girls) because that did make it a little chillier!

Thank you Lindsey and Ty for allowing me to come along on the journey of your special day!

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