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October 29, 2019

Perfect Fall Wedding | Decatur & Monarch Brewing Company

Gosh, I have so much I could say about Kelley and Will’s day, but just let me start out by saying it was perfect! I swear Kelley thought of every little detail from keeping with the theme of a fall wedding, to the perfect gifts she gave her parents! When I walked into the clubhouse they welcomed me with open arms and told me to help myself to whatever food I wanted. It is so amazing to feel welcomed on someone else’s special day!

Hanging out with Kelley while she was getting ready was just a relaxing time! Everyone was so laid back, having a fun time, joking around! The flower girls were adorable, the bridesmaids were gorgeous. I just knew it was going to be a great day!

When I went to meet Kelley’s dad for the first look, I instantly loved him! He was just so sweet and kind and funny! And I mean, look at the reaction he had when he saw her! Her and her family are so close which is so so sweet to witness! She got very special gifts for both her mom and her dad. Her dad’s cufflinks even had her handwriting on them! Refer back to the top when I said she literally thought of everything!

One thing I loved about Kelley and Will’s wedding was the way she stayed with the fall theme! Her bridesmaid dresses were fall colors, her bouquet….holy cow! It was gorgeous! With sunflowers and roses…The Bloom Room did an absolutely gorgeous job! You could tell that they just put a lot of thought into everything that went into their wedding day!

The ceremony at Our Lady of Lourdes Church was beautiful and they were married! Their reception was at Monarch Brewing Company in Monticello, so obvisouly we went to Allerton for pictures. We had talked earlier in the day about being bummed there wasn’t much color going on yet….but mother nature did not disappoint! I found an amazing spot where the trees had turned a gorgeous shade of yellow and provided the perfect background for her fall wedding! Their bridal party was just a joy to hang out with and photograph! They did whatever I asked, which I know I sometimes ask for goofy things :-).

Kelley wanted some pictures at both Allerton and downtown Monticello, so that is where we headed after Allerton. The bridal party snuck into a local bar and had a drink while I finished up Kelley and Will’s pictures.

Once Kelley and Will had been introduced into their reception and the toasts had been said, they did something I had never seen any other couple do…they dismissed each table themselves to go eat dinner, even before they had eaten. It just tells you what kind of people Kelley and Will are. They would do anything for anyone and are always there to help.

Kelley grabbed me during the reception and wanted to take a picture outside with the Monarch Brewing Company sign. She told me while we were out there that one of her grandpa’s always said he was going to come back as a Monarch Butterfly, so when they chose that as their reception, they knew that they had made the right choice. Even more crazy…a Monarch Butterfly had been flying all around Kelley and myself when we were taking pictures at Allerton. Talk about chills!!

Sometimes I have to remind myself at receptions that I am still working…and Kelley and Will’s was one of those! They had just such a party and celebration mood, it just made me want to join in!

Kelley and Will, thank you so much for choosing me to be a part of your truly perfect day. Your wedding was so full of love and laughter and I enjoyed every minute of it!


Church: Our Lady of Lourdes

Reception Venue: Monarch Brewing Company

Cake: Cream and Flutter

Florist: The Bloom Room

DJ: Party On Productions

Dress: Elite Bridal

Hair: Fringe Salon – Courtney Clark

Makeup: Dolled up by Danielle

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