Gorgeous Downtown Peoria and Riverfront Sunset Engagement Session | Samantha + Chance – Heaven's Storm Photography

July 13, 2019

Gorgeous Downtown Peoria and Riverfront Sunset Engagement Session | Samantha + Chance

The moment Samantha and I had a Skype meeting to talk about her wedding day, I knew we were going to get along great! She was fun and bubbly and so excited about her wedding day! We met for their engagement session in the downtown area of Peoria. I absolutely love Peoria! I always say if I could take my family, church, and my kids school and pick up and move, I’d do it in a heartbeat! Peoria has so many fun places to shoot in! As I was driving to our meeting location, I passed by Obed & Isaac’s Microbrewery and Eatery and noticed how gorgeous it was and would be perfect for pictures! It is an old church that is now a brewery and restaurant. Samantha and Chance said it is really good! So once I met up with them I’m mentioned how I had seen it just a block or two up so we started to head that way. Good thing Chance has a sense of direction because I let them one block too far and two blocks over from where we should have been! Whoops!

Their love story…

Samantha met Chance her freshman year of college when they got paired up together to play a game. He couldn’t remember her name and kept calling her Stacy all night….so needless to say that is not the beginning of their dating. It was a year or two down the road when things changed and they started to talk everyday and hang out together. The still just remained close friends.  During Samantha’s senior year of college, she learned Chance would be deployed to Kuwait.  She decided it was now or never to take things to the next level.  The spent as much time as they could before he left and continued to talk through texting and skype while he was deployed.  It was when he returned that they both realized how much they cared for each other.  Fast forward a year later….they are up in Wisconsin, a trip Samantha said she takes with her family every year and her favorite place in the world (that she swore she’d never take a boyfriend to), but had always had dreams of getting engaged there….Chance completely shocked her and asked her to marry him.  And the rest is history.  They were telling me about their engagement and Samantha thought he was playing a joke at first!  Chance said he was just glad he didn’t drop the ring since he proposed on a boat dock!

These two are getting married in just about 2 months at Barn III, which I am SO excited to photograph at!  It is a gorgeous new venue that they booked before it was even finished being built!!

Enjoy Samantha and Chance’s gorgeous engagement session!  

If you’d like an engagement session like Samantha and Chance’s, you can contact me here. Also, check out this blog post for posing tips for your engagement session

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