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October 14, 2019

Destin, Florida Destination Beach Wedding

One of the things on my “photography bucket list” was to shoot a wedding on the beach! Little did I know that it would actually happen this year! I met Kristina through a good friend of mine. We actually went to a Luke Bryan concert not too long before she got engaged. So I knew her and we were facebook friends. I saw when she got engaged…which is an amazing engagement story in itself, and then I saw she was getting married on the beach! So I casually wrote on her facebook post, “Hey, if you need a photographer, I know a pretty good one.” Half kidding, more than half hoping she would take me up on it! And lucky me, she did!! We met and talked details and boom! I was headed to Florida!

They couldn’t have asked for a better day for their wedding. While it was warm, there was also a great breeze that helped keep things cool! I loved Danny’s reaction to when he saw Kristina walking down the beach to him! They wrote their own vows which were very sweet and had a sand ceremony (because lighting a candle on the beach isn’t easy!)

When it was time for bridal portraits, the light was just perfect over the Gulf of Mexico! And Kristina even agreed to getting the bottom of her dress wet so they could walk in the surf which were some of my favorite pictures!

Danny & Kristina….thank you SO much for taking me along to Destin with you and capture your amazing day! I feel so blessed that you included me in your day!

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