Hey there! I'm Sarah,

I even made my husband a mid-westerner…whose job brought him from Tucson, AZ to Illinois. We met, fell in love, and got married before he ever had a chance to go back and now most of his family lives here too! We have 4 kids; Luke, Claire, Andrew, and Charlotte, and 4 dogs; Buttons, Oreo, Delilah, and Diesel.  

Most days you can find me either cuddled up on the couch under a fuzzy warm blanket (yes, even when its 90 degrees outside), or chasing/busing my kids around to where they need to be! When I have time to myself (which let's be real, doesn’t happen often with 4 kids) I love to write calligraphy, watercolor paint, and take dance classes!

a born and raised mid-westerner from Illinois.

I, like lots of people my age, went to college right out of high school. I majored in Business Management and graduated from Millikin with a Bachelors. But it didn’t feel right. My heart was leading me in a different direction. Due life circumstances, I wanted to help others so I decided to go to nursing school.

Shortly after I started, I met my husband. We got married after my first year of nursing and I was pregnant a month after our wedding. I had always dreamed of being a stay at home mom and that is what I did. Having a baby is what fueled my passion for photography and now I finally feel I am doing what I should be doing!


Meet THE 







While you don't see him on wedding days, he is an integral part of my success, he holds the fort down while I'm gone.  Maybe one day I'll convince him to be my second shooter!

The photographer, wife, mom, chaos coordinator, book lover, story teller, baby snuggler and lover of all things light pink!

The 9 year old who made me a momma.  He has the most sensitive heart, watches over his siblings and love to run and play outside!

The 6 year old warrior!  This girl is the sweetest and most caring individual and has been through more in her short life than most adults!  She conquered brain surgery by the age of 5!

The 5 year old wild child that my mother in law wished on my husband.  He tests my patience every day but also cracks me up everyday.  He is known as the smiley kid in school!

The 3 year old prodigy to Andrew.  She is sweet and funny and loves all things Peppa Pig and Blippi.  

fur babies

Meet My 





12 year old chocolate lab mix.  She is the first dog I ever owned.  I got her shortly after my mom died for companionship and protection.  Not great at protection, but she is the sweetest old soul and wouldn't hurt a flea! 

12 year old shit-zu.  She was an impulse buy at the pet store in the mall not long after I got Buttons.  She is not the sharpest, but she loves to lay around like a cat...seriously like on the back of the couch.

8 year old peka-chihuahua mix.  She wasn't supposed to be ours.  We got her for my sister in law.  She was gone a lot though, so I would "babysit" her.  Luke got attached, so you know how the rest of the story went.

2 year old St. Dane.  This handsome fella came to us not too long after we lost our previous Great Dane at 10 years old.  Someone got him, decided they didn't want him, so we rescued him.  He was only 12 pounds at 8 weeks old and covered in fleas.

Coffee mugs

I love cute coffee mugs, but I don’t actually like coffee.  So I drink water out of them.



I love to bake all kinds of desserts, but I actually hate cooking, and I’m not very good at it.



 Specifically McDonald's hotcakes, with a large coke. No one can beat their hotcakes. And if I’m being honest, I eat them at all times of the day, at least twice a week….embarrassing!



I took Tap and Jazz as a kid, but as kids do, I'm sure I got tired of it, but I recently took up lyrical and jazz/hip hop again and I love it!



For some people, you can't talk to them until they have had their morning coffee....well for me, that is Pepsi.  And no Pepsi and Coca-Cola are not the same!


The Sloth

This creature is one of my favorite animals.  I often say a sloth moves faster than my kids in the morning.  Maybe it's because I'm jealous they just lay around 22 hours a day...


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Do you know what you are left with at the end of your wedding day? Or when your baby grows up and goes away to college? Pictures. Memories can fade over time, but pictures can instantly take you back, make you feel those emotions all over again.

 I want everyone to have pictures that do just that. I don’t want just pictures of everyone smiling at the camera, but pictures that tell a story, that are full of emotion, and that leave a legacy for your children and grandchildren. 


What i believe

every couple needs 




It's no secret that I love to photograph joy!  Not only the joy of you on your wedding day, but the joy of your friends and family around you, celebrating one of the most important days of your life!  From getting ready, all the way through the dancing at the reception, I am constantly on the lookout for those joyful moments that you will want to remember forever.

I don't want my couples to see their engagement or wedding pictures and think...that just isn't us.  I want to document you being you...being in love, showing each other affection, small moments at your wedding when you thought no one was paying attention.  Those are the memories I strive to document and capture.

What's a wedding day without emotion?  Nothing!  If I didn't capture all the emotions (not just the joyful ones), I wouldn't be doing my job!  So yes, if your groom cries seeing you for the first time, you can bet I'm going to capture it.  Or as your dad gives his little girl away and a tear falls from his eye as he hugs her, I'll be there for that too. 

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The name is in honor of my parents. When I decided I was going to take the leap and open a photography studio, I knew I wanted a name that meant something. My parents are both deceased. They both died when I was fairly young. My dad when I was 16, and my mom when I was 23. So I want to keep them a part of my everyday life. One night I was talking with my husband about a name and he said, “What about Heaven’s Storm.” My maiden name is Sandstrom. When my dad was in the Navy, they used to call him Storm and it stuck though his whole life. My mom was a very religious and faithful person and loved angels. So Heaven was fitting for her. 

Heaven's Storm


Now every time I go to do a photoshoot, I pick up my camera and with every click I remember them in my heart.