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April 22, 2019

5 Posing Tips for your Engagement Session Nervous for your engagement session? These tips will help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera

Getting in front of the camera can be intimidating…I get it!  Add in someone who you don’t know that well, in your face, telling you to do this and that!  In the blog post, I will help you go into your engagement session with confidence.

5 Tips for posing at your engagement session


5 Best Posing Tips for your Engagement Session

1. Movement

At the beginning of my engagement sessions, I always start with doing posing that incorporate some type of movement.  Movement gets your mind off the fact that there is a camera in front of you and can help you relax and loosen up!  Walking towards the camera while smiling and laughing is one of my go-to poses.  I always love how it turns out because of the genuine emotion that comes from it.  Another is act like you are slow dancing to your wedding song.  Not only does it distract you, but also brings out so many emotions thinking ahead to your upcoming wedding!

Peoria, Il - Bradley University Engagement Session, couple walking and laughing

All I did was tell this couple to walk towards me, hold hands and laugh. You can see the true emotion by the way she is leaning in to him as they are walking.

2. Hip-Dip:

This tip is specifically for the ladies.  Knowing how to stand correctly instantly slims you in all the right places!  Who doesn’t love that!  You look slimmer without the dieting! :-).  The hip dip just means that you pop the leg that is closest to the camera, and put your weight on your back leg.  Whatever is closest to the camera will appear the biggest…so if you pop that leg, your weight shifts away from the camera giving you a slimmer appearance.  The camera doesn’t have to add 10 pounds!!

Shelbyville IL Engagement couple, couple posing downtown in front of courthouse

See how she has that front leg popped. That is shifting her weight to the back giving her a nice feminine figure

3. Look at your bride to be

So I did a tip for the ladies, now one for the guys.  I know most guys could think of 100 better things to do that get their picture taken…I get it.  That is why I have them looking at their sweetie more than smiling at me!  Who wants 50 pictures of a semi smiling groom-to-be?  I would rather him be interacting with the love of his life!  Making her laugh, stroking her hair, twirling her around.  Pictures that capture true emotion and personality…not a fake smile to me.

Bethany, IL Farm Engagement Session | Heaven's Storm Photography

Having the guy look at his fiance will always bring out his real smile. If I would have told him to smile at me, I wouldn’t have gotten this kind of smile. He has no connection to me, but he does to his future bride.

4. Core Poses

I have 5 core poses that I start every pose with.  So for example, I will say go chest to chest…both looking here for one.  Great, now I want you two to look at each other…perfect.  Now I want you to go forehead to forehead both looking down, soften your expressions…and now tickle her and make her laugh.  So you see, I guide you through each pose.  And sometimes once I put a couple into a pose, they take it from there and I literally just capture what is happening in front of me.  I don’t perfectly pose you or put you in a static pose for 5 minutes.  I give you guidelines and suggestions for what to do and then let you take it from there!

Laura Bradley Park, Peoria IL | Couple posing closely getting ready to kiss

All I told this couple was to go chest to chest and put your hand on her face. They took it from there!

5. Always Touch

I can’t think of a pose I do that doesn’t include you touching your fiance.  I feel like being close and touching not only makes you feel more comfortable, but also evokes so much emotion.  Think about it…you have found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with.  Why would you want to be apart in your images?

Bloomington IL Downtown Engagement | Couple sitting and snuggled up

Closeness evokes emotion…

I hope that you can see that your engagement session doesn’t have to be a time of worry and stress!  I promise you will be looking like a natural in front of the camera in no time!

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